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The insurance company is a non-bank financial institutions which have a role that is not much different from the bank, which is engaged in the services provided to the community in addressing the risks that occur in the future. Along with the development of the insurance business is a lot of things to be done by the provider of insurance services in order to win the competition and to keep eksitensinya. In order to survive and win the competition in the world of services required for competitiveness, performance and good quality from all sources owned by the state, particularly the human resources (HR) quality and modern thinking. PT. Mega Jasa Reinsurance Brokers (Mega Re) as one of the leading local reinsurance brokerage firm, will fully understand the problems it faces with regard to the regulations applied by the regulator, but the PT. Mega Jasa Reinsurance Brokers (Mega Re) also understand the importance of service to our clients. Because the only reason for existence is the presence of a reinsurance broker loyal clients. Efforts can be made by insurance companies in creating and improving customer loyalty, among others, increase customer value, the appeal of advertising. Based on these things, has encouraged the author to discuss the Effect of Customer Value and Attractiveness Advertising Client Loyalty at PT Mega Jasas Reinsurance Brokers.
To provide relevant answers to the problems encountered in analyzing the problem at PT Mega Services Reinsurance Brokers, the authors use the method of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis with SPSS. Through this analysis is obtained picture of whether there is influence of customer value and appeal of advertising on client loyalty statistically.
Based on the analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that the calculation results of multiple linear regression analysis between customer value and appeal of advertising on client loyalty there is a positive influence. Therefore it can be interpreted that the customer value and appeal of advertising employed by PT Mega Jasa Reinsurance Brokers have a positive influence on client loyalty, therefore, must be maintained and enhanced.
Key words:
Customer Value, Fascination Advertising, Client Loyalty

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