PERAN KREATIVITAS DAN INOVASI USAHA DALAM MENINGKATKAN NILAI TAMBAH PADA BIDANG AGRIBISNIS (Studi pada Usaha Tani dengan Irigasi Swadaya dari Sungai Cikeruh di Desa Sukamulya Kecamatan Sukamakmur, Bogor)

This paper is intended to describe the importance of creativity and innovation in
agribusiness. In fact, agribusiness does not only include cultivature and trading of
agricultural product, but it also includes system and related industries. Cultivature is
supposed to be the main part of agribusiness, but it contributes lact of value added in one
side but it’s risk is very high in other side. There are four main risks in cultivature. First is
natural risk that cannot be avoided, for example long draugh and fload. Second risk is
business risk such as commodity price falling. Thirth risk is the increase of input prices, for
example fertilizer, wage, and pestiside. The fourth risk is government policies include
export tax, tariff reduction of agrigultural product import, and subsidies reduction.
Agricultural product trading relatively creates higher value added but the risks are still high.
Agricultural product naturally baggy and heavy. The logistic cost is usually greater than
the price difference from farm to wholesale market of the product. In other side, the quality
of agricultural produce will reduce during transportation and in the storage. The value
added of agribusiness will increase and the risk will decrease significantly by creating new
system and innovating new process of related industries. A new agribusiness system
should be implemented from cultivature to organization, from production to processing.
Innovation include technology, process, and management. In this paper creativity and
innovation will be focused on organization, cultivature, management of rice as main
agricultural product as well as main food of Indonesia, that is up to now still unchangeable
and there is not enough substitution product. The objects of this reaserch are three
groups of farmer who plant rice by using self contruction irrigation base on Cikeruh River
in the village of Sukamulya, Bogor. The research result indicate that productivity of farmers
depend on the width and the location of land owned by the farmer. In order to boost the
creativity and recent innovation usage, a pilot project was made. Using 1.000 m2 of land,
the pilot project give value added more than the best value added achieved by the
Kata Kunci: GCG. Keputusan Keuangan, Profitabilitas.