Analysis of Factors Affecting Relationship Commitment and Its Implication on Motivation to Switch that Impacting on Furniture Retailer Loyalty in the Jabodetabek

Dr. Heru Mulyanto, SE, MM
Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Eddy Yusuf, Sp., M.Sc., M.Kom
Prof. Dr. Dra. Hj. Umi Narimawati, SE, M.Sc.




The purpose of this study is to investigate, test and analyze the description and the influence of post-purchase perception value, satisfaction and trust toward relationship commitment as well as its implication on motivation to switch that impacting on furniture retailer loyalty in the Jabodetabek.

The study was conducted by survey method of descriptive and explanatory. Type of this research are descriptive and verification, namely collecting, presenting, analyzing and testing hypotheses to produce conclusions and suggestions. The study was conducted in the furniture industry with research subjects owner or manager of the furniture retailer in the Jabodetabek. Study sample as many as 375 retailers of the total population of 1533 retailers. The research data were obtained using a closed questionnaire which has a 7-point Likert’s scale. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test the model and analyze the influence between variables that it has the ability to test variables, dimensions and indicators simultaneously.

The model proposed has met the test model and feasibility studies have shown that the model meets the goodness of an econometric model or the expected characteristics. Post-purchase perceptions value of retailer from moderate to very good. Retailer satisfaction levels from dissatisfied to satisfied. Retailers have moderate trust to very high. Retailers have a high commitment to very high. Retailers motivation to switch from weak to strong. Retailers loyalty are moderate to very high. Inferential analysis produced the findings that post-purchase perception value have a significant effect on relationship quality consisting of satisfaction, trust, and commitment in a positive direction. Satisfaction and trust have a significant effect on relationship commitment in a positive direction. Relationship commitment has a significant effect on motivation to switch in negative direction. Motivation to switch have a significant effect on loyalty in a negative direction.


Key words:

Management & Organization, Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Relationship Marketing, Post-Purchase Perception Value, Relationship Quality, Satisfaction, Trust, Commitment, Motivation to Switch, Loyalty